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The river description

The Ostravnaya River springs from foothills of active volcanoes Dzenzursky Volcano and
Zhupanovsky Volcano. The upper reaches of the Ostravnaya River are situated at the boundary of
  Nalychevo Nature Park, which is famous for its unique and wild nature. Here one can find active and
extinct volcanoes as well as hot and cold mineral springs, which are truly Kamchatka’s geothermal
treasures. The length of the river is about 80 km. Its relief is mixed (mountain tundra). That is why
the stream is rapid in the upper reaches of the river and calm before its falling into the Pacific
Ocean. It makes possible to organize fishing from either well-appointed camping sites on the bank
or from a floating trip. The best fishing techniques are spinning and fly fishing. The fishing area, the
length of which is about 30 km, is situated in the downstream of the Ostravnaya River. The river is
rich in silver salmon, loach and char. Besides, some species of Pacific salmon spawn here, such as
king salmon, redback salmon, humpback salmon, chum salmon. One may meet a brown bear or
any other representative of fauna. It happens rather often.